Limitations of this report


  • This is a report of a visual only, non-invasive inspection of the areas of the building that were readily visible at the time of inspection. The inspection did not include any areas or components which were concealed or closed in behind finished surfaces (such as plumbing, drainage, heating, framing, ventilation, insulation or wiring) or which required the moving of anything which impeded access or limited visibility (such as floor coverings, furniture, appliances, personal property, vehicles, vegetation, debris or soil).


  • The inspection did not assess compliance with the NZ Building Code including the Code’s water tightness requirements, or structural aspects.


  • As the purpose the inspection was to assess the general condition of the building based on the limited visual inspection described in (a), this report may not identify all past, present or future defects. Descriptions in this report of systems or appliances relate to existence only and not adequacy or life expectancy.  Any area or component of the building or any item or system not specifically identified in this report as having been inspected was excluded from the scope of the inspection.


  • This report has been prepared on the basis of a visual inspection of the building works using normal readily available access, and without testing of components for the assessment of the overall structural condition of it and associated items, and without recourse to construction drawings.


  • This report is based on experience and reasonable opinion however is not a guarantee against moisture ingress at the time of inspection or in the future. This inspection has been done to the writer’s best ability with all reasonable care taken using visual means only.  This report is a guide only (as per NZ Standard) and not a guarantee against moisture ingress or structural failure and is to be accepted as such by the owner.


  • It is confirmed that no detailed geotechnical investigation has been included in this brief. An investigation of the condition and location of underground waterways, underground drainage and services and of electrical, gas and plumbing (except as otherwise may be described in this report) is not included in this brief.


  • No warranty can be given as to other defects not apparent to visual inspection at the time inclusive of underground services, waterproofing, soil stability or the moisture content in partitions or exterior claddings.


  • Weather conditions can affect moisture found e.g. long dry spells, driving rain in certain directions which can cause localised leaks and may only occur three to four times per year. Guidelines as below, flashings, ground levels, etc.  This stresses the importance of flashings, ground levels, etc, which may be highlighted in this report.


  • This property report does not include the structural, electrical, plumbing or gas piping and fitting, home heating state of the premises, as I am not qualified for this but can arrange for these areas to be inspected by those people whose qualifications enable them to do so.


  • This report does not include any positioning of building or improvements in relation to site boundaries, or provide any guarantee whatsoever that items surveyed will not fail at some later date, and information herein pertains strictly to observations the day of inspection and accessibility only.


  • Generally asbestos cement was used in buildings built prior to 1983, therefore, if this building was constructed prior to 1983, it must be assumed that this building contains these products. While remaining in an undisturbed state and in reasonable condition, asbestos cement products present negligible health risks. It is noted that strict guidelines are required by regulative authorities in reference to working with and/or the removal of asbestos related products. It is strongly recommended that further information should be obtained from these authorities before any work is undertaken involving this material.


  • This document and information contained within is intended only for the use of the addressee named in the report.


  • The inspector undertaking the inspection do not carry insurance covering moisture ingress or damage caused by moisture ingress or any form of timber decay or defects caused by moisture as there is no such cover available. The inspector undertaking the inspection in no way offers any form of guarantee against moisture ingress or moisture related defects or defects not visible at the time of inspection or in the future and will pay no form of financial compensation for same.


  • This report is not a guarantee that defects and/or damage does not exist in any inaccessible or partly inaccessible areas or sections of the property. (NB:  such matters may upon request be covered under the terms of a Special-purpose Property Report).


  • CONSUMER COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE. In the event of any controversy or claim arising out of, or relating to this Report, either party must give written Notice of the dispute to the other party. If the dispute is not resolved with ten (10) days from the service of the Notice then the dispute shall be referred to a mediator nominated by the Inspector. Should the dispute not be resolved by mediation then either party may refer the dispute to the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators of New Zealand for resolution by arbitration.



  • This report does not include comment about the following:
  • the design of the house
  • the surrounding neighbourhood
  • the value of the property
  • the common areas
  • defects that may have been concealed
  • the assessment or detection of defects (including rising damp and leaks) which may be subject to prevailing weather conditions
  • whether or not services have been used for some time prior to the inspection and whether this will affect the detection of leaks and other defects e.g. in the case of shower enclosures the absence of any dampness at the time of inspection does not necessarily mean that the enclosure will not leak)
  • the presence or absence of timber pests
  • gas fittings
  • electrical fittings
  • plumbing
  • environmental concerns
  • the proximity of the property to flight paths, railways, or busy traffic
  • noise levels
  • health and safety issues
  • heritage concerns
  • security concerns
  • fire protection
  • site drainage (apart from surface water drainage)
  • swimming pools and spas
  • detection and identification of illegal building work
  • detection and identification of illegal plumbing work, electrical installation
  • document analysis
  • any matters that are solely regulated by statute
  • any areas or items that could not be inspected by the inspector


No search has been made of:

  • Local authority rates
  • Government valuations
  • Local authority files
  • The Title

This report does not cover:

  • Methamphetamine Testing or any other substance testing
  • Asbestos testing
  • Moisture testing with infrared or other non-invasive meter

This report is not:

  • A structure report
  • A Certificate of Compliance
  • A Safe and Sanitary report



The report is not a guarantee, warranty, or any form of insurance and is not to be used as a substitute for a final walk-through inspection. The report shall be considered the exclusive property of the client, and copies will not be issued to any parties without permission of the client.  No liability is accepted for the failure of this report to notify of any problems that occur, in areas or sections of the property physically inaccessible for inspection. The costings indicated in the report are only estimates and recommend the main defects to be checked and quoted by the relevant licensed subcontractors.



The information contained in this report is for the benefit of the client named above.  No liability or responsibility is accepted for any third party who may rely on this report.



Any estimates provided in this report are merely opinions of possible costs that could be encountered, based on the knowledge and experience of the inspector, and are not estimates in the sense of being a calculation of the likely cost to be incurred. The estimates are NOT a guarantee or quotation for work to be carried out. The actual cost is ultimately dependent upon the materials used, standard of work carried out, and what a contractor is prepared to do the work for. It is recommended in ALL instances that multiple independent quotes are sourced prior to any work being carried out. The inspector accepts no liability for any estimates provided throughout this report.


Please feel free to contact the inspector who carried out this inspection. Often it is difficult to fully explain situations, problems, access difficulties or timber pest activity and/or damage in a manner that is readily understandable by the reader.  Should you have any difficulty in understanding anything contained within this Report then you should immediately contact the inspector and have the matter explained to you. If you have any questions at all or require any clarification then contact the inspector prior to acting on this report.


The Inspection was carried out by: Deane O’Reilly


Inspectors contact phone number: 027 292 6590